Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jean Danker

Jean Danker
Singapore radio station Class 95FM deejay Glenn Ong successfully proposed to fellow radio host Jean Danker on Friday at her parents' home.

That night, Ong got down on his knees to propose to Danker and presented her with a S$40,000 1.75-carat diamond ring.

Ong was still excited when he spoke about his proposal, during a phone interview on Tuesday.

He revealed that he had been thinking about his relationship with Danker for some time now, though the subject of marriage only came up recently.

"I just felt something was missing - the feeling of being married.

"The feeling of wanting to make it official became stronger and stronger over the [recent] months.

"I was telling myself 'hey, no need lah' but I just felt I needed to do it to complete this relationship," said Ong.

"I wanted it (the proposal) to be special. It was pretty stressful.

"In the end, I just decided I'm going to take the chance and do it the very simple way, which is to share the joy with her parents, because I'd be at her parents' place," said the 40-year-old deejay.

He revealed that he had even taken the trouble to ask if Danker's parents were agreeable to their union before popping the question.

"Because of my experiences, I want to make sure I do it right," said Ong, who has previously been married to deejays Kate Reyes and Jamie Yeo.


Although it took Ong a long time to prepare for his proposal, it paid off when Danker agreed to marry him.

"At first I kind of thought he was kidding and I was wondering why he was on both his knees. I was like 'Are you okay? Get up!'

"But then I saw this big silly grin on his face and then I sort of knew something was up," said Danker, pointing out that it was just another regular Friday until Ong suddenly proposed at her parents' home.

"I definitely wasn't expecting it to happen there and then!"

Danker, 33, said that the whole event felt very "easy" and "natural", and that it is the next logical step in their two-and-a-half-year relationship.

"I just want to be with him," she said, explaining that she is happy just registering their marriage, without any fanfare of celebration.

Was she perturbed that Ong had been married twice before?

"I mean, the fact that he had failed twice, and he is still willing to even give it another go is brave. And the fact that he still believes in love and marriage, I think is really great.

"The past really doesn't matter," said Danker.

Ong shared her sentiments and preferred to look to the future.

"I can safely say that the feeling is definitely different this time and I can say right now, for sure, that she (Danker) is the one," said Ong.

Ong divulged that they planned to marry in Singapore sometime next year, as it would be virtually impossible to book a venue at a good hotel here, without doing so a year in advance.

He added that both he as well as Danker are currently very busy with assorted projects.