Wednesday, June 8, 2011

India Against Corruption

Besides a huge follower group, yoga guru Ramdev had succeeded in gaining sympathy from various activists and associations, including hackers, after the Ramlila ground episode where the yoga guru was forcefully evicted from the place along with his supporters during the wee hours on Sunday. The police have broken up his fast over the weekend.
Hacker group Anonymous has established an ‘Operation India' page on Facebook and an account on Twitter to announce fight against corruption in India as well as to express its support for the civil movement ignited by Ramdev.
The group had depicted itself as an online activist club (or hacktivists) while claiming to hack the website of the National Informatics Centre (NIC) on June 6, although the NIC had not confirmed any such activity till now.
According to the Hacker News, the Anonymous has left a message for Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, on NIC website: "There is no use securing. There is no use of spending on forensic. Get this message clear Mr. Prime Minister and others”. However, the page could not be accessed from Tuesday.
Earlier, a huge Indian population had backed the social activist, Anna Hazare, in a fight against corruption in India.