Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hardwarezone Forum

The moniker ‘pay&pay’ allegedly posted 4 comments on Hardwarezone forum expressing hope that Mr Sitoh be ‘xxxxx’.
Only less than a month ago, a Hardwarezone forumer ‘BigBirdman’ was arrested by the police for threatening to ‘xxxx’ the ballot box.
As expected, ‘Nitrile’ was lampooned by other forumers for adding to the growing list of frivolous police reports lodged by PAP supporters.
Hwarzoner wrote:
“If every small little thing also go and report police regarding posts in HWZ, soon this forum might be closed down for the common good.”
Lithi added:
“I don’t know which is worse, the person screaming for blood, or the person who act saintly and happily try to send ppl to jail. Both don’t exercise restraint after all.”
Others doubt if the police will take action since the poster did not call on others to ‘xxxxx’ the MP as he only expressed hope that it will happen.
Singaporeans should be extra careful when posting on SPH-owned forums such as Hardwarezone and Asiaone.