Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GLC Mumbai

The Government law school, also known as GLC and located in Mumbai, India, is one of the oldest and most prominent schools of the law in India. If you are a return over the years see, one is aware of the immense role played by this law innovative institution in the life of the judicial, political, social and historical background of the India the College celebrated its Sesquicentennial in 2006.
Consistent and continuous, legal research done to Rajiv Gandhi national law of the University with the full cooperation of the teachers positive results in various competitions in the Moot Court all India level. The students of RGNUL, laurels Punjab contest contests of the Court and show exceptional performance in national and international competitions. The students are different prices in these contests including best team, finalist, best speaker, best and best Memorial researcher beat teams from across the country including several wine-growing national law schools.In a second recently held all India Corporate Law Moot 2011 organized by national legislation, won from 18 to 20 February 2011.

University of Delhi in New Delhi, RGNUL after defeating Kolkata NUJS in the closing laps of the race. The last rounds of matches were reviewed by the meeting of the Delhi High Court judges. The proposal of the League was related to the right of the company. The team formed by Babita Madan, Vibha Singh Arya & Devrat Raghav. The team also won the Memorial Award and the best price of the researcher in the League.In a technology than the League of Surana & Surana international competition reached 2011 team formed by Madhav Sharma, Aakash Saxena & Roshni Chadda the semi-finals of the competition. The team was against the NLU Jodhpur in the semifinal round of the contest. The contest was organized by Surana & Surana in symbiosis, Faculty of law in Pune from 18 to 20 February 2011.

The proposition of the problem of “network neutrality” moot competition. RGNUL was in the League, from 33 teams, all third parties.Competition success story does not end here as the University also runners on the recently held international DM Harish Moot Court competition 2011. The contest was organized by the school of law of Government, Mumbai of 10-12 February 2011. DM Harish is one of the most prestigious National Moot of India, organised by the GLC Mumbai. RGNUL team is composed of two members of the Sukriti Slehria and Sourabh too also Rath.

This year was the indecisive proposition related to the topic of ‘ mother ‘. The team reached the final after defeating Delhi NLU in the semifinals and the fight against GNLU Gandhinagar in the last round of the competition. The last round of the competition was judged by the Assembly, the five judges of the Supreme Court of Mumbai. After all these excellent results in moot court competitions, the University is now in the top five Premier League Moot 2 that of the legal India. The Premier League 2 Moot is sponsored by Allen & Overy. The rector of the University has said that the University will continue to work, not only in moot court competitions, but also in other competitions. The University