Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gina Carano

If you were expecting to see Gina Carano make her triumphant return to the octagon next weekend, well then, our deepest apologies. Word leaked out yesterday that the sexy MMA star was not cleared because she failed a pre-fight medical examination. Or at least, that’s what Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker was telling everyone. Later, reported that Carano did indeed pass all physical examinations.
Somebody is clearly lying here.
Susan Stanford, the public information officer for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, confirmed to that Carano’s contestant application, which included a physician’s examination, an ophthalmologic exam and requisite blood test results, had been processed and approved.
“Gina Carano had met all of the state of Texas’ requirements and the agency received notice today that she was off the card,” said Stanford.
It appears there is some shenanigans behind the scenes with Strikeforce and the Carano camp. Regardless though, there has to be a reason that Carano is simply postponing the fight. As an astute observer pointed out to me, she did look a bit, how shall we say, thick in the thighs in some photos for a movie she was shooting called Haywire in March (pics below). Could it be that Carano is simply out of shape or unable to make weight? If you recall, she’s had some trouble in the past getting her weight under control before a fight. Who could forget the infamous nude weigh-in before a 2008 bout.
All that said, the sport, and particularly Strikeforce need Carano back. Hopefully, whatever the reason she has for missing next week’s bout is rectified sometime in the very near future.