Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Food Lion

After more than two decades, Food Lion, located on Bonita Parkway in Hendersonville, closed its doors for business on Friday, June 24.
Workers say the measure was strictly a lease issue. The company's second Hendersonville location on Glen Oak Blvd., will remain open.
By mid-week, hundreds of local residents were standing in line to cash in on some of the store's last minute, 60 percent off savings.
“It was crazy - there were no buggies available,” said shopper Crystalyn Jontz. “People were following people out to their cars and helping them unload their groceries just to get a shopping buggy.”
Jontz said she spent an hour shopping and another hour in line waiting to be checked out, but it paid off she said.
“I spent $213 and I saved $294,” Jontz said. “It wasn’t a place to be if you were in a hurry, but for me, it was worth the wait. My deep freezer and refrigerator are full.”
For residents unaccustomed to seeing so much traffic in the local strip mall, the number of extra cars didn’t go unnoticed.
“I normally go to the gym in the mornings around 7 a.m. and the parking lot for that strip mall is fairly empty,” said resident Leslie Tubbs Carlisle. “When I pulled in Wednesday the lot was full. There was more people in that store at that time than I usually see in an entire week.”
Food Lion employee Gary Johnson said the remaining stock still left in the store when the doors were officially locked on Friday afternoon would be donated to local food banks.
The company also closed one of its two stores in Gallatin on Nashville Pike about two years ago.
Several attempts to contact Food Lion's corporate office in Salisbury, N.C. prior to this newspaper’s deadline were unsuccessful.