Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fenugreek In Hindi

Much of the Daily Mail’s reporting can be divided into those things that cause cancer and those that cure it. There is also an occasional minor excursion into those things which raise or lower house prices.
Today we’ve an example of the third, those things which do or do not improve your sex life. The specific example is fenugreek (in Hindi, “methi“) and we’re told that it boosts mens’ libido.
According to a trial by the Centre for Integrative Clinical and Molecular Medicine in Australia, men who took a twice daily extract of the herb saw significant improvements in their love life.
Ah, no, that’s not entirely and exactly true. The preparation does seem to increase the desire for sex, this is true. But it doesn’t increase the amount that a man is able to persuade anyone to allow him to have which is the more usual meaning of an increase in sex life.
Still, don’t worry, an examination of the Mail’s archives shows that they’ve also claimed that fenugreek cures cancer:
One study found that fenugreek seeds may be effective against breast cancer.
Beats baldness:
Scientists claim to have developed a natural remedy for baldness – a herbal concoction of fenugreek and saw palmetto.
I guess all we need to know now is fenugreek’s effect on house prices and we’ll have the full set from the paper.