Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dewi Persik

Dewi Persik said if her hymen has not been operating the former dry. Hence, he still felt soreness in the intimate parts.
"When surgery is not felt. After that a new ache. Udah three months still feel ya," he said on Tuesday (07/06/2011), when contacted by reporters.

Goddess perform these operations in Egypt. He did so three months ago. And, he advised doctors not to do a lot of activity so that it dries quickly intimate organ and back to normal.

However, pain is felt not worth the happiness. Because, he could come back as a virgin and young again. "So, I feel like a young child again," he said.

Hence, the former wife of Jamil Saipul it, do not want to rush to get married. Because, he wanted to enjoy her virginity longer. "Do not too hastily, aja dry yet," he said.