Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cynthia Wang

LAN Shadya filed a lawsuit against Cynthia Wang for plagiarism of a song that he wrote in his high school days. The Prosecutor is located in Wang 2009 album, “Copenhagen fairytale”, which the second, “what happened to love after all” connects (??????), had a tune very similar to the “sleeping beauty” LAN (???). After an analysis of the Department of music of Fu Jen University, found that more than 90% of the melodies of songs were similar. Shi Lin District Attorney strives to load Wang prison 6 months for violating registered LAN networks.
The Justice official noted that Wang (24 years) and upper and lower classmen Lan Kang Hwa arts school. LAN was who discovered that Wang plagiarism are 2001 composition “sleeping beauty” of “what happened to love after all” had been. He said that when she wrote the song at the time, had led to Wang House and discussed with her; LAN also sang the song at school before.