Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anugerah 2011

As the competition has proven that he found one after another. No conspiracy theories to begin with, just not enough votes to pull them in the league. Coupled with the fact that the participants reduced performance fans are blessed with generous and ardent, what you get is a game that is very distorted and lost in the quality of the skin. I agree that this is the name of the game and the reality of this competition, but apologize if I say that some of these loyal voters called irresponsible and blind faith voting. Is this the standard you feel deserves to be with other artists from the region?
You are supposed to contribute to the improvement of the local music industry to raise our standards in the eyes of the region, but what have you done? This year the competition has just shown that we are not ready to move to a system where voters get 100% power for the progress and decide who is eliminated. All of which makes half of the reins and assess what they get unexpected results, you can imagine what 100% free reign to dictate?