Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare

After the Delhi Police gave permission for civil rights activist Anna Hazare to hold a one-day fast on Thursday against the violent way the Ramlila Maidan was evacuated on Saturday night, traffic arrangements have been made to ensure that traffic is not disrupted.

The protest is supposed to take place on Powerhouse Road, which connects Rajghat and the Delhi Secretariat. Traffic restrictions will be in place on that road as around 5,000-odd protesters are expected to congregate in the area, said the police.

"There will be some restriction on the movement of vehicles on that road but there is enough parking in the vicinity and we have provided two alternatives for vehicles travelling to and from the Delhi Secretariat. Commuters can use Vikas Marg or the Velodrome Road to travel to Delhi Secretariat and back. We will ensure that there are enough traffic personnel deployed in the area to ensure minimum dislocation of traffic," said joint commissioner of police (traffic) Satyendra Garg.

Traffic cops maintained that general traffic was likely to remain unaffected due to the protest. "We are expecting some dislocation during the arrival and departure of the protestors. However, since the protestors are likely to arrive only in groups, traffic in the morning hours will probably not be affected. While dispersing, after the protest is over, there may be a slight dislocation for a while but we have enough traffic personnel in place to manage the situation. Since there is enough parking in the vicinity, a large number of vehicles can be accommodated so there should not be a problem," said a senior traffic police officer.

Anna had earlier planned to fast at Jantar Mantar, but he was refused permission as prohibitory orders have been imposed in New Delhi district till June 11. Police officers said thousands of supporters were expected to participate in the protest and so they were making elaborate security arrangements to ensure that the general public and traffic flow were not affected on the Ring Road.

The Hazare-led protest will be held in the vicinity of Rajghat from 10am. An all-religion prayer meeting and a debate on Lokpal bill, is also expected to take place.

The BJP protest at Rajghat on Monday had caused some traffic disruption in the area due to the sudden dispersal of a large group of protesters. Border Security Force personnel had to be called in to avoid major disruption in the area and to ensure that no protester entered Ramlila Maidan after section 144 was enforced in the area. They were also at hand to also ensure the smooth flow of traffic and prevent any further deterioration in the law and order situation, said a senior police officer.