Sunday, May 29, 2011

Agnes Monica Meninggal

Agnes Monica Meninggal
Agnes Monica rumored dead. News of the death of this talented singer lively discussion on Twitter. In fact, some artists also contributed to wonder.

One of them, Jenny Cortez. The actress who often open-opening scene in the movie write status of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), "Seriously not the Agnetha Faltskog die!"

Monitoring Legal, Sunday (5/29/2011), the negative news that had already reached the ears of Agnes.Chanter Paralyzedwas responding to news of the death on Twitter with ease.

"Heehhee ... gpp .. I'll be Stronger Than BABYYYYYYYY ever! Yeaaaah RT @ kiewuiwuit: Agnes is dying km hoax blg! Geez ..! Thanks god .. nezz GWS," said Agnes replied to a greeting followernya @ kiewuiwuit, approximately an hour ago.

The singer who started her career as an artist also agrees that little prayer of his other followers, "hahahahaha. AMIIIIIN. RT @ iwankecil: Recently there is a message chain open bbm @ agnezmo died .. ada2 aja tuh gossip, but he said a long life loh kalo digossipin so ".

The singer who started to go international was also expressed himself well. The truth is Agnes left the hospital, not dead.

"Hihihi that bener that .." Dead "my hospital .. Bwahahahha RT @ edrictjandra: Hehehe can make hoax aja org @ agnezmo died, sy just chatting lively masi tu .. she's strong more than you thought," wrote Agnes.

Approximately at 12.00 pm, the singer is reportedly close to Denny Sumargo pebasket that inform his health gradually improved and was allowed home from hospital today.

"@ Agnezmo: Yaaaay .. Today UDH get out of the hospital .. Praise the Lord.:) Thank You, Jesus ...: ')" the tweet Agnes.

Approximately 10 minutes ago, Agnes is still undergoing physiotherapy before being allowed to leave the hospital. "@ Agnezmo::) just finished physiotherapy ..: ') hurt a little. But pain does not kill me. I'll be Stronger Than ever. Watch me!: D," wrote Agnes.

Agnes treated at Siloam Hospitals Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, since a few days ago because of back pain and acute gastritis.